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We believe that each of us is to grow in our knowledge of God and his world, grow in our personal character and giftedness, and grow in the health and vitality of our relational lives. We believe, in other words, that spiritual growth is a holistic and comprehensive vision for life. What begins in us as the love and life of God, becomes, in time, knowledge and character and action.

Home Church


We believe that church is about so much more than just coming and listening to someone with a microphone. Sundays are a great time for us all to come together and learn, but if we leave it at that, we’re missing out on a lot.

This is where Home Church comes in.

Home Church is what we call small groups at Commons. We call them that because they are at the very centre of what we do here. A growing church community is exciting but what really makes it special is when a core group of people know your personal story. It’s about doing life together.

Whether it’s young families sharing what they’ve learned about raising kids, men helping each other become better husbands, or those new to Christianity asking questions from those farther along in the faith journey, Home Church is the place where we gather to ask questions, debate answers and metabolize what we’re learning from each other. In this way Home Churches meet throughout the city to pick up where Sundays leave off.

If you sign up, you will be contacted with some demographic questions, and then invited to meet with someone over coffee so we can get a better idea of who you are in order to help you find a Home Church that fits best.

Weekend University

Weekend University is a chance to gather for a Saturday afternoon and learn from experts in feilds related to ideas our church is exploring. In the coming year we have four such events planned.

This year we are planning three Weekend University events:

Fall 2016: Mental Health

Our friends from the Collaborative Care Network will lead a presentation focused around raising awareness and getting help for depression and anxiety both for ourselves and those we love.

Winter 2017: Poverty

Looking at the realities and opportunities for involvement with poverty
in Calgary, and then shifting to focus on how our choices and political involvement can work to change systems to advocate for marginalized people on the global scale.

Spring 2017: Interfaith Dialogue

Join us as we engage some of our friends from the Muslim community and are invited into a conversation exploring Muslim culture and faith and how the Christian community can engage our Muslim neighbours in healthy ways.


A backstory is the history behind the story; the past behind the settings, characters, and events of a main story. “Backstory” at Commons takes us into the history of Christianity and the biblical texts to help us understand why and how we exist today.

If you are new to the Christian story or just looking to ground yourself in the backstory consider joining us for this four week course.

We will discuss:
1. the genres and themes of the Hebrew Scriptures,
2. the genres and themes of the New Testament,
3. the development of the canon and modern biblical texts,
4. basic theology focusing on views of the atonement.


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