• Kensington Commons (map)
  • 2404 Kensington Road Northwest
  • Calgary, AB, T2N 3S1
  • Canada

Church is more than sermons and information, it breathes in conversations as we invite each other deeply into our lives. Our gatherings are not meant to be a show or a monologue, but rather an interactive experience–a dialogue. Join in, share what you have and take a piece of what others around you are offering. We work hard to make our Sunday gatherings an engaging and thoughtful experience, but it's the connections we make that bring that experience to life.

We have four identical services every Sunday at our Kensington Parish (2404 Kensington Rd NW)
9AM | 1030AM | 12PM and 7PM


Our services are 70 minutes. We begin right on time with some singing and liturgical worship elements designed to connect us with the ancient roots of the Christian tradition. Next we have a coffee break so parents can check their kids into the appropriate program and we all have a chance to greet our friends. BTW we also have an amazing crew of talented baristas that will make you a latte :) This is followed by a 30 minute sermon where we engage scripture together. If you ever need someone to pray with you that is also available after every service. Come as you are, we're pretty low key around here.

We love the vibrancy, the noise, the hope and the passion children bring into community. We want children to be "seen and heard" here at Commons. We have an amazing team of staff and volunteers, a secure check in system to ensure your children are safe, and an engaging experience designed to help kids grasp God's love. When you come to church your children are welcome to stay with you and experience the singing, after which we will have a coffee break when you can check them in downstairs with our team. Commons Kids runs at our 9AM, 1030AM, and 12PM services.

Jesus’ last meal with his disciples and friends. The Synoptics offer a brief description of this event, but we’ll turn our attention instead to John’s gospel which extends the scene to five chapters. Here, the writer tells of how feet were washed, bread and wine were offered, and then Jesus began to speak. It was just hours until his arrest, and by noon of the next day he would be executed. And his disciples had no idea. What makes Jesus’ sayings here so compelling is the sense that he is pulling no punches. He’s laying it all out... he’s re-emphasizing his most important talking points...he’s promising that they’ll be okay...and then he prays for them. As we get ready for Easter this year, let’s delve into this final conversation and explore what mattered most to Jesus as he said goodbye and prepared for his passion.