Every year we realize that we need to tell and hear the story once more. Every year
we find ourselves surprised by it, overwhelmed, and yet comforted in a way that’s hard to explain. Every year we are drawn back to humble worship, and the pledge of renewed commitment.

We invite you to take time to embrace the story this year.

Services will be happening in Kensington at 9AM | 1030AM | 12PM and 7PM and in Inglewood at 1030AM. 

Our services are 70 minutes. We begin right on time with some singing and liturgical worship elements designed to connect us with the ancient roots of the Christian tradition. Next we have a coffee break so parents can check their kids into the appropriate program and we all have a chance to greet our friends. BTW we also have an amazing crew of talented baristas that will make you a latte :) This is followed by a 30 minute sermon where we engage scripture together. If you ever need someone to pray with you that is also available after every service. Come as you are, we're pretty low key around here.

We love the vibrancy, the noise, the hope and the passion children bring into community. We want children to be "seen and heard" here at Commons. We have an amazing team of staff and volunteers, a secure check in system to ensure your children are safe, and an engaging experience designed to help kids grasp God's love. When you come to church your children are welcome to stay with you and experience the singing, after which we will have a coffee break when you can check them in downstairs with our team. Commons Kids runs at our 9AM, 1030AM, and 12PM services in Kensington and the 1030AM service in Inglewood.