Inglewood Commons

From day one, we had a vision for a network of parish communities across the core of the city. This year we have been steadily moving that vision from the background to the centre at Commons.

Since the launch of Commons Church in September 2014 we have expanded to four Sunday services and pushed the limits of our space in Kensington. At the same time we continue to meet new people who need to explore the Jesus story through the unique conversation that is happening here.

Last year, Scott Wall joined our staff and began working with a small team to explore the feasibility of adding a new parish in a new neighbourhood.

Our vision is to see the core ideas that have made Commons a unique and vibrant voice for Jesus come alive in a new way in a new neighbourhood. For us that means live teaching from local leadership that can make our intellectually honest, spiritually passionate, Jesus at the centre message resonate. As part of a network of parish communities Scott will take the lead locally working with the emerging community, supported by the teaching from Commons, and the administrative structure of the Kensington parish.


If you're interested in the historical roots of our community read the article here


If you're interested in the historical expressions of faith we affirm read the article here

From Scott

This fall we plan to continue building the launch team and meeting together monthly in a second neighbourhood. By January, we plan to launch with a weekly service as we seek to become part of the common life in a new parish.

I will be leading the parish team, so if you live on the Eastside of the city or you’re intrigued by what this step means for Commons I’d love to have you join us.


Scott and Darlene Wall

Scott and Darlene Wall

What's a "Parish"?

Parish is an old word that used to designate the neighbourhood a pastor might serve within the larger structure of the church. We've adopted this word because we recognize the church wasn't meant to be a machine, it was intended to be a vibrant and unique part of each neighbourhood it inhabits. Our hope is to take the best parts of Kensington Commons Church and find out how that comes alive in new neighbourhood. This isn't a about a carbon copy. It's a new unique community being formed around a live and local presence in the neighbourhood. 

What's Next?

Well, this is an exciting step but it’s also a little scary. Its only been three years since we launched Kensington Commons and now we need more musicians, more volunteers, and more financial contributors so that this initiative can get off the ground. We also need key leaders and spiritual elders to step up and take on important roles in shaping how this new community evolves. Maybe you're meant to be part of that story.

We would love to ask everyone at Commons to pray for this new initiative but if this vision sparks something inside of you, then we would love to talk more about it. Let us know.