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Are you one of those people who loves change or hates change? Maybe somewhere in the middle? Maybe you see the necessity of change but you don’t like the discomfort it brings. Maybe you rage against change and then, when you finally give in, you realize you need it.

Everything in life is touched by change. Our bodies change and age, our relationships struggle and grow, and our world is full of change and instability too. But what about our relationship with God? Can our dance with the sacred withstand significant change?

Let’s look at a time in ancient Israel’s history when change rocked God’s people. Israel was exiled by Babylon, and when they slowly made their way back home they discovered that home wasn’t quite what they hoped it would be. Change can do that - it can upend you.

The Ezra and Nehemiah stories call us to prepare, rebuild, and intentionally choose healthy change. So if change is going to happen, let’s at least be ready.

Part 1

Discussion notes

Today we’re looking at what grounds us in change, what stabilizes and helps us feel secure in transitions. 

Bonus Material

Scott reflecting on some of the ideas from Bobbi's sermon in Inglewood on Sunday.

Part 2

Discussion notes

Today we are talking about what guides us in change.

Part 3