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Reading List

I’m often asked about books to read on various topics. While we try to keep the book table at church stocked with engaging works from various Christian authors relating to the life of faith, this list is meant to serve a slightly different purpose. These titles offer a more in-depth look at specific topics relating to Christian study and could serve as a basic bibliography if you’re looking to dive into a more narrow area of focus. I don’t personally agree with all of the positions and arguments made in every one of these books, but I have found all of them helpful, well written, and researched. These books are not inaccessible to the average person at all, but are generally written at an academic level so be aware of that going in. I'm always happy to suggest additional resources if there's a specific topic that's not addressed here. email me

Where did the Bible come from?

Canon Of Scripture, The
By F. F. Bruce

How to read the Bible well:

Historical Critical Issues:

Is God a Moral Monster?
By Paul Copan

Theological Interpretation:


Indigenous Voices:


Feminist/Womanist Voices:





The Church:

Resident Aliens
By Stanley Hauerwas

Church History:

Different Faiths: