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An Introduction to René Girard

An Introduction to René Girard

Every once and a while I mention Girard on a Sunday and people have been intrigued. So here is a new series introducing the ideas of Girard and eventually my theological takes on Girard.

Part 1: Memetic Desire

In this first part of a series, we are talking about memetic desire, the conflict it creates, and the ways we use scapegoats to alleviate the tension.

Part 2: Ritual Sacrifice

In part 2 we're talking about sacrificial violence and how Christianity breaks the religious mould. All religions are built to systematize the scapegoat mechanism. All religions display the generative scapegoat mechanism's ability to contain our violence. Only Christianity exposes and ultimately undermines sacrifice's power though.

Part 3: The Apocalypse

This time we're talking about the apocalypse, Girard's word for what happens when we are left without the generative scapegoat mechanism in our social took box, and the Christian word for the unveiling of Christ found in the book of Revelation.

Is a thoroughly non-violent God compatible with the images we read in Revelation?

Part 4: The Adversary

This time we’re talking about the devil. Actually, we’re talking about what Girard calls a triple correspondence between the founding murder, the lie that covers it, and the adversary. What does it mean to be under the power of Satan? What does it mean to use the power of Satan? And how do we free ourselves from the control of an adversary over the human story?

My Work on Girard

René Girard's theories on the mimetic relationship between violence and religion and the genesis and maintenance of culture have had a profound impact on many disciplines. The Colloquium on Violence and Religion gathers scholars across a wide range of fields including theology and biblical studies to study Girard’s work. In the past, scholars have used Girard's ideas to interpret and reinterpret Old and New Testaments texts.