Psalm 100

Curated by Kevin Borst
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Curated by Justina Gendy
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Come Thou Fount
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Written by Jeremy Duncan

Today we come to the table of Christ
and this is— as always— an open table
all are welcome before Jesus

but today — I stand here wearing the green that symbolizes ordinary time that period after advent
and before Easter
the time when we remember that “God with us” is —ordinary

but today is actually the last Sunday of ordinary time
this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday
the beginning of lent
and we will gather that night to mark ourselves with ash
and next week I will wear purple as we begin the movement toward death and Resurrection
but all of this reminds me of the beauty of ritual

that we come and we gather and we share a meal that reminds us we are welcome always
that we choose colours to remind us of the seasons we move through together
that we participate in the rhythms of inhale and exhale that create life within us
because particularly in a world that moves fast—
slowing down to be reminded — becomes sacred

and so on the doorstep of lent
but still firmly present in the ordinary presence of the divine
I invite you to come to this sacred table, not because you must,
but because you may;
not because you are righteous,
but because you desire to love our Lord Christ Jesus

I invite you to come to this table not because you are strong,
but because you are weak;
not because you have any claim on the grace of God,
but because in your frailty you stand in constant need of mercy and help;

I invite you to come to this sacred table today - not to express an opinion,
but simply to accept the words of Christ envisioned by the theologian Kosuke Koyama—
“You’ve had a hard journey. You must be tired, and dirty. Let me wash your feet. The banquet is ready.”

may this simple meal
this ordinary ritual
and the end of this season in which we stand
welcome you today