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Written by Scott Wall

We are all Lenten pilgrims here.
Invited, in this space, to consider our pathways through this season.

Some of you may be fasting during Lent - and you can feel your appetites now.
Your longings for food - attention - relief.
Some of you may be attempting to pray more intentionally - and you may feel like a failure in your efforts.
Some of you may be intentionally sharing and giving these days - perhaps you feel spent, or stretched - or maybe full, and satisfied.

Which is why I invite you to take up the opportunity this moment brings.
Where, together, we allow Jesus to come to us in this way-station in our travels.
Where the noise and confusion that cloud our senses can be suspended, 
And in reflective prayer we hear, and sense, and know the grace of God.

As we pray, I will offer some words - and then a series of three questions derived from St. Ignatius’ practice of daily examen - and give you time for contemplation

Where we are invited to detect and respond to the Divine present to us - where we are.
So, let us pray.

Creator God - 
Source of Beauty - Bearer of Light - 
Streaming force of Being that, like the universe, is ever expanding - ever searching - ever echoing.

In that vastness we centre ourselves now.
We zoom into the details of our lives - the pressure, the details, the difficulty -
And we let all the spinning slow - as we ask - 
God, where did I see and encounter you today?

Lord Jesus Christ - 
Source of Grace - Bearer of a body like our own -
Humble force of Being that, like we know so well - found sorrow, and rejection, and frailty along the way.

In your life we centre ourselves now.
We take up the good news of your story - the hope, the promise, and luminance -
And we let it centre us - as we ask -
Jesus, what do I have to be thankful for this night?

Gracious Spirit - 
Source of Love - Bearer of our breath -
Invigorating force of Being that, as we carry you, teaches us to change, to grow, and to create.

In your invitation we centre ourselves now.
We take up the work of imagination, taking risks, and choosing to be in awe.
And we let you move us forward - as we ask -
Spirit, what future are you inviting me into?  

Keep us now, as we journey toward Easter light.
Hold our searching and longing hearts - 
Teaching us to trust your renewal more than all our striving.
We ask, in the name of Christ, our Hope.