Psalm 103

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Written by Bobbi Salkeld

Today is Mother’s Day. And there is no way to name all of the experiences we have with this noun: mom.

For some of us … mom is a word filled with love, safely, and joy. And sure, you likely know that your experience with your mom is not perfect, but you also know it is deeply good.

For others … mom is a word filled with tension, or longing, or heartbreak. Maybe your own relationship with your mom is fraught, or you live with the loss of your mom, or you’ve struggled with fertility or issues with pregnancy. We believe that our prayers can hold all of this.

Together let’s offer a prayer in 3 parts:
First, celebrating moms,
Second, praying for each other,
Third, resting in the palm of our parenting God.

Let us pray:

For all of the ways we have been mothered well – through moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, friends, and mentors,

Jesus, we give you thanks.

For those who welcomed new life this year, who expanded their role as mothers, who deepened their connection with the children in their lives,

Jesus, we give you thanks.

For those who are in the trenches of parenting, who are working so hard to feed, teach, nurture, and shape children and youth while juggling so much more,

Jesus, we give you thanks.

For those who have lost a mom, grandma, or a child this year, we grieve.

Holy Spirit, be our comfort.

For those who experience distance from moms, who cannot have children of their own, who have redefined motherhood for themselves as something bigger than giving birth,

Spirit, be our comfort.

For moms in need of encouragement, strength, and support,

Spirit, be our comfort.

The prophet Isaiah (49:15-16) said that God is like a super-mom.

That God’s children are never forgotten.

In Isaiah, God says, “See, I have written your name on my hand.”

Holy One, you keep us close, you keep track of us, and you never stop loving us.

God, parent us with your love.

For all needs mentioned and those that go unnamed,

God, parent us with your love.

May you infuse all of our mothering efforts with grace and bless those in need of your mothering care today we pray, God, parent us with your love.