Psalm 145

Curated by Justina Gendy
Bethel Music - Raise A Hallelujah
All Sons & Daughters - Come Thou Fount
Jesus Culture - Revelation Song
Phil Wickham - How Great Is Your Love

Curated by Clint Siebert
Hillsong Worship - The Passion
Commons Worship - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Bethel Music - Goodness of God
Hillsong United - Good Grace

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Written by Bobbi Salkeld

Summer can feel disorienting, especially if you’re going through a tough time. 

There’s more light in a day than your life may contain. People are resting, playing, vacationing and you may not have much of that. There are parties, barbeques, and festivals, all of which may feel out of reach for you. 

But today, as we prayerfully hold the needs of our community, we consider the delight that is on offer - even in a bleak time. Delight is in tough times, too. It’s hiding out in a moment. It’s quiet and easy to miss. 

Please join me in this community prayer of delight, where we focus on the everyday gifts of the Giver. Let us pray.

Loving God, guide our reflection as we 
Think back on this past week - 
To a moment where food tasted good,
To a gentle breeze that caressed our skin, 
To the sound of children playing, laughing, just being in a moment 
To laundry blowing beautifully on a line, 
To fresh-cut grass, to bike riding along the river, to the smile of someone we love
O God, give us minds that tune in to delight. 

Now, we pay attention to this present moment - 
To our bodies automatic functions, 
To the part where there is no pain, 
To the way our breath feels on our lips, 
To the longing in our hearts for peace, 
To the strangers and friends around us who want so many of the same things we do,
O Jesus, show us our humanity enlivened by delight. 

Finally, we anticipate the future - 
To the possibility of something good, 
To the care we’ll take just being alive, 
To the relationships we will work on so they can flourish, 
To the prayers we will hold in the quietest parts of our hearts, 
To the gardens we’ll tend, the meals we’ll eat, the kindness we’ll show one another, 
O Spirit, weave through our lives with the persistence of delight.