Psalm 130

Curated by Justina Gendy

Stand in Your Love - Bethel Music
Jesus All For Jesus - Commons Worship Arrangement] by Jennifer Atkinson and Robin Mark
Peace Be Still - The Belonging Co
God I Look To You - Bethel Music

Curated by Clint Siebert

The Passion - Hillsong Worship
Holy Spirit - Bryan and Katie Torwalt
Good Grace - Hillsong United
King Of My Heart - Bethel Music Arrangement by John Mark McMillan and Sarah McMillan

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Prayer of Confession
Written by Scott Wall

As part of our liturgy today, we are invited into a moment of confession.
This practice has a long history in Christian spirituality — a tradition in which we are invited to intentionally tell the truth to God, to ourselves, and perhaps to each other.
In a moment, I will lead us in brief confessions of pain and dislocation that might be present here.  
And then we will conclude with a confession of hope.
At the end of each section, we will take a brief pause, where I invite you to speak the truth in your own heart, from your own story, and to consider the words and images that might be lying just beneath the surface, perhaps naming what’s overwhelming you, some weight you’ve brought with you.
In this practice, we affirm our trust - however fragile - that we are known, and that we are seen, and that we are heard.

So let us pray.

Loving God
We choose to be still now. We take a breath. We focus our attention -
And we acknowledge that you are present to us. 
And in this space, we choose a posture of openness.
Where we don’t hide, and we don’t pretend,
Where our spiritual practice is rooted in where and who we are right now. 

And we confess our pain -
In our bodies, in our minds.
The ways others words have hurt us - the ways we’ve been careless with our own.
The ways we’ve been disappointed or let down - the ways we’ve failed others, and ourselves.
We name these now, in quiet honesty…

We also confess the ways we might be dislocated on our journey.
In our emotional health, in a key relationship,
In how we work too hard, or we avoid what needs to be done.
In our pursuit of a perfect version of ourselves, or a version that is actually someone else’s.
In the rhythms and habits that have pulled us far from what’s best.
We name these now, in quiet honesty…

And in this space, we confess our hope -
That the darkness we feel will lift.
That the weakness we know will fade.
That the beauty of this life would come and stir our hearts again.
And - that Truth would expose those whose power is a destructive force in the world.
That Love would hold the broken and restore those who feel they are lost.
And that Grace would find its way to us - our homes - and to all who search for it today.

We ask in the name of Christ,