Psalm 18

Curated by Mel Renaud
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Hillsong Worship - Thank You Jesus

By Bobbi Salkeld

This is Remembrance Day Weekend; it has also been a week that invites us to pray for peace.
Please join with me as we prayerfully remember victims and soldiers of war, as we hold a moment of silence together, and as we pray for peace.  

Let us pray:
This weekend we remember those who personally paid a great price for the cost of war.
We remember the families, the friends, the loved ones
who were forever changed by death, loss, and trauma. 
We remember places in the world that hosted war or that still see horrible violence. 
We remember and make space in our minds and hearts
to lament the abuse of power, the distortion of community by fear, hatred and greed. 
We remember and we grieve the horrors experienced by those who have chosen to fight, 
and who are forced to flee communities and countries
due to powers that oppress and cause great harm.  

In this moment of silence, we remember.


We remember, and we pray for peace:
God of love and Source of shalom –
We pray for peace on this Remembrance Day weekend. 
We pray for peace in places where war is now, not only in history books or wikipedia articles.
We pray for peace in our lands, which hold shocking injustices and hatred between communities, ideologies, and those who are marginalized or disempowered.  
We pray for peace in our own minds and hearts, recognizing that we all need your healing care if we are to live and work for peace.   

We remember this weekend; and we pray for holy peace.

Jesus lead us in your way of beloved community.  
It is in and through you we pray,