Curated by Kevin & Alyssa Borst
Hillsong United - Prince of Peace
Chris Tomlin - Joy To The World
Christmas Carol - Jingle Bells
Kim Walker - Angles We Have Heard On High
Phil Wickham - O Come All Ye Faithful
Kim Walker - O Holy Night
All Sons & Daughters - God With Us
Christmas Carol - Silent Night

By Bobbi Salkeld

The season we have waited for through Advent’s darkness and mystery is finally upon us:  
Christmas time is here.  We gather together with energy and excitement to hear that Jesus has been born to us, Immanuel, Prince of Peace.

Zechariah, the husband of Elizabeth and the father of John the Baptist, pieced together the mystery of Jesus’ coming like this:

The light from heaven is about to break upon us,
To give light to those who sit in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
and to guide us to the path of peace.  

When we say that Jesus is the Prince of Peace
we do not say that he is the one who will bully us into submission.
We do not say that to make peace he will take our power away.
We do not say that he will sit on a throne far removed from our lives and reign over a kingdom in a distant place.

Rather, we say the Prince of Peace offers us miraculous intervention and patient invitation.  
Jesus’ peace is strong and sensitive, it seeks to empower those who most need to be set free. 
His peace transforms suffering and celebration, 
lostness and all we long for.

Tonight as we sing, listen, laugh, and light candles, may we sense the presence of the Divine One connected to everything (everything) in our human story, This is Jesus the Savior born to us this night, the true and lasting Prince of Peace.

By Bobbi Salkeld

God of creation, who said “Let there be light!”
Who comes to us through the Bethlehem dark

Prince of Peace, You Are Here

God of slave and free, who said “I Am the One Who Always Is” 
Who comes to us through the weakness of a child

Prince of Peace, You Are Here

God of law and life, who said “Love with all your heart and strength”
Who renews us through incarnation, the Son of God in human flesh

Prince of Peace, You Are Here

God of truth and mercy, who says “Come follow me”
We bring ourselves before you this humble Christmas night

Prince of Peace, You Are Here
Be With Us Now