Each year at Commons Church we create a stage design that welcomes the Christmas season. Last year we built candle sticks that lined the back of the stage, this year we created Skypan lights. This is that classic outward facing light seen on a film set. Rather than buying or renting these lights we decided to build our own. A church in Miami, Florida pioneered the idea and posted a DIY guide that we used for reference. 

They are simply plant pots, painted white on the inside to reflect light from the light fixture attached. A closer look reveals the incandescent Edison light bulb inside.

From off the stage they create the warm atmosphere that we reach for during the Christmas season. Add the Christmas tree and advent wreath and our atmosphere is ready! 

Thanks to Brandon Healey for leading the build of the Skypan lights as well thanks to Travis & Talea Wymenga and the Atmosphere Team for setting up our Christmas decor. If you are interested in joining our Stage Design Team email volunteer@commons.church.