Psalm 96

Curated by Evan Archeson
Bethel Music - You Have Won Me
Bryan & Katie Torwalt - Holy Spirit
Brenton Brown - All Who Are Thirsty
Robin Mark - Jesus All For Jesus

By Jeremy Duncan
God, thank you for these beautiful children that you have entrusted into the care of their parents. There are a reflection of you, with unusual potential, and each a unique soul we acknowledge that these children are gifts from you, reminding us what it feels to be loved and of what love requires from us in endurance and giving and hope. Somehow, in our children, we come to understand your heart for us and so we pray today, that when these children are ready, they will come to a simple faith in Jesus through the course of their lives. Bless them with an awareness of your grace in their homes, in their play, and in their church.

We pray today especially for their parents for their commitment to you, their commitment to each other, and their commitment to their children. We pray that these homes be filled with the love of God, so that these children will understand who You are, as they watch Mom and Dad.

We pray for ourselves as family and friends and church community, help us to be an encouragement, help us to be support, help us to be part of what we hope for these children

Most of all, we want to give you thanks for the lives of James, Nora, Zoe, Piper, Winner and Hattie and we ask you to bless them always.

In strong name of the risen Christ we pray

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