Psalm 130

Curated by Justina Gendy
Bethel Music - Love Came Down
Phil Wickham - Doxology
All Sons & Daughters - Brokenness Aside
Bryan & Katie Torwalt - Holy Spirit

By Jeremy Duncan

As part of worship today, we want to invite you to participate in holy communion.
As we celebrate together, the eucharist or the good gift of our God. So I invite you to come to this sacred table today, not because you must, but because you may; I invite you to come to this sacred table to testify - not that you are righteous, but that you desire to love our Lord Christ Jesus. I invite you to come to this table not because you are strong, but because you are weak; not because you have any claim on the grace of God, but because in your frailty and sin you stand in constant need of mercy and help; I invite you to come to this sacred table today - not to express an opinion, but simply to seek God’s grace and to pray for his Spirit in your life.

So I would ask you to join me in a simple reading before we come:

Leader: His dying we proclaim; his rising we declare.
All: May Jesus Christ be praised!
Leader: His coming we await, now as these gifts we take.
All: May Jesus Christ be praised!
All: Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

By Joel Braun
Loving God of all,
We are grateful in this moment that you do in fact choose to be here with us - your spirit is welcome and we are welcome and so we gather in this space to hear from you, to tell you and each other of your goodness, and to be honest in our wrestling with you and being with you. Thank you that in your power you peacefully and graciously meet us in this space today.

Thes. Vs. Thes.