Psalm 23

Curated by Kevin Borst
Hillsong Worship - Forever Reign
Hillsong Worship - It Is Well With My Soul
All Sons & Daughters - I Surrender
Hillsong Worship - What A Beautiful Name

By Scott Wall

We stand in a break at the end of one week, looking out over another, and we celebrate God's goodness. But don't you find that at times these moments can feel foreign or even forced, because we can't escape ourselves as we come to them?! No, we bring our heaviness, our trial, our darkness, our doubts with us. And in doing so we are not unfaithful, we are human. So, as part of adopting a posture of worship today I want to invite you for a moment to ask yourself, 'What is demanding in my life today? What area, relationship, activity is most draining?' For some, there is no mystery, you know immediately. For others, perhaps you need to reflect.

Let's take a moment of quiet, I will offer a prayer .and then invite you to consider one more thought before we continue.

God our Father, we stand here in this moment, known by you. All our failures, all our efforts, all our inconsistencies, all our humanness, these are no mystery. As we have just sung, we pray now in surrender, acknowledging that you are God, and that our need of you is great. Grant us grace to experience you today, we pray in the name of Christ.

And now, I want to invite you to consider where the Divine might have been near to you recently. To consider what you are finding most life-giving in this season. It might be something profound or significant or something simple and easy to miss. Where have grace and joy been present to you? Let's reflect for a moment, and then I will pray a prayer of hope.

God our Father. Giver of all good things, we celebrate this life we have today, and how you are present to us in it. Awaken our hearts to see you and know you in the many ways that you bring abundance to us. As we worship, draw our attention to the hope that we have in Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose powerful name we pray these things,

Paraphrased Prayer from Covenant Book of Worship

God of grace and peace Because of your presence there is forgiveness Because of your presence We become more of the people you imagined us to be May all of the glory and honor be unto your name. Praise be to God, Amen.

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