Curated by Kevin & Alyssa Borst
Phil Wickham - Doxology
Bethel Music - Love Came Down
Jesus Culture - Revelation Song
John Mark & Sarah McMillan - King of My Heart
Bryan & Katie Torwalt - Holy Spirit
Bethel Music - After All These Years
All Sons & Daughters - God With Us
Hillsong United - Heaven Knows (Bridge Only)
Hillsong United - What A Beautiful Name

By Kevin Borst
God of grace and peace
We are gathered here tonight
To be in relationship with you
We desire to hear from you God
And in all we do may you be glorified God.

Paraphrased from Covenant Book of Worship
God of grace, 
you have given us minds to know you, hearts to love you, 
and voices to sing your praise. Fill us with your Spirit, that we may celebrate your glory and worship you in spirit and in truth; Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

By Bobbi Salkeld
The Eucharist is the Table of Thanksgiving
for all the ways God breathes divine life into everyday objects like bread and wine. 
We receive and eat these elements of the field and the vine
as reminders of the meal Jesus ate with his disciples. 
This is a table where best friends and betrayers sit.  
And still, all are welcome to participate.  
If you long to sense Jesus at the centre of your life,
the sacrament of communion is for you.

The invitation is this:
Come to this table, not because you must but because you may
Not because you are always super strong, but because you are often weak
Come, because you love God a little and would like to love God more.
Come, because Jesus loves you and gave himself for you, for all of us, 
and for the life of the world
As we eat we remember that Jesus transforms the worst parts of the human experience, even death, into life.  

Let’s pray together:
Jesus, on the night of your arrest
you took bread, gave thanks and fed it to your disciples.
This bread is a sacrament of your forgiveness and your kingdom.
And then you lifted the cup, inviting your followers to drink of you
the true wine that seals and makes our hearts glad.
Loving God, as we eat we imagine the feast of your kingdom for all
And we give you thanks.  AMEN.