Curated by Kevin & Alyssa Borst
Brian & Jenn Johnson - Here I Bow (Special Opener)
There Is A Redeemer
Austin Stone Worship - How Deep The Father's Love For Us
All Sons & Daughters - Nothing But The Blood
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
Hillsong United - Lead Me To The Cross

Jesus' Anointing  Matthew 26:6-13
Jesus In The Garden  Matthew 26: 36-42
The Soldiers Mock Jesus  Matthew 27: 27-31
Jesus Laid In The Tomb  Matthew 27:57-61

By Bobbi Salkeld

Holy One,
Today is the day where we draw as closely as we can to your suffering.
In awe and recognition, we have followed you to the cross.
We see in your face, on your shoulders, and through your hands and feet T
he pain you endured
So that your Spirit could sanctify death by filling it with yourself.
In the darkest moments to come, we are here to meet with you,
To encounter the endless ways you turn violence into healing
And surrender into love.
Hear our prayers and be your whole self toward us
We offer you our adoration, Jesus, and commit ourselves to you,

Holy Week

Photos by Deanna Braun from our Photography Team