Psalm 130

Curated By Mel Renaud
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Eucharist Invitation
By Scott Wall

Today, we come to the Eucharist table. In this practice, we as a community acknowledge the mystery of God's presence at work in our gathering. We affirm the ancient hope that this bread and wine reveal to us: that God is making all things new, and that we see this newness embodied in Christ.

And, in this practice we as individuals acknowledge the mystery of God's work in our lives. Each of us receives today, even as Christ's disciples did in their last meal together, the gratuitous affection of the for our taking, if we will open our hands and hearts to receive it. 

As you come today, do so knowing that God's mercy is great. As you come today, lay down for just a moment your Lenten fasting...and feast on the goodness of God served to you in Christ. As you come today, receive new hope...and new assurance of God's face turned toward you.

Come... journey with Christ today. 

Paraphrased from Covenant Book of Worship

God of all, By your grace you gave your Son to take the form of a servant, and to be obedient even to death on a cross. As Christ Jesus was a servant to all, give us Lord the will to serve others. Christ’s name we pray,


Sermon By The Sea