Psalm 103

Curated by Mel Renaud
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Adapted by Bobbi Salkeld from Gathering for Worship, “Community in Prayer”, 328

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the church habit of prayer
called “Prayers of the People.”  
It takes the shape of a person at the front naming a concern
- often local as well as global -
and the community responding with Lord, hear our prayer.  

Today, we won’t follow that exact rhythm, 
but our Prayers of the People will include some short pauses, 
along with a refrain which by the end, I think you’ll find yourself saying along.  

I’ll pray out loud, and I invite you to pray in the quiet of your own heart.
Let us pray:

Gracious God
We take a moment to centre on gratitude
And memories of your loving care in our lives
Together we join our hearts in prayer
for concerns in the world, concerns in our communities, and concerns in our lives.
We pray for the created world:
For those who rebuild where things have been destroyed;
For those who fight hunger, poverty, and disease;
For those who have power
to bring change for the better, to show humility and curiosity, to renew hope.


In the life of our world
Your kingdom come, Loving God,
Your will be done. 
We pray for our country, and the many countries represented in this room:
We pray for leadership that serves;
We pray for vision that shapes a common life;
We pray for those who administer justice,
For those who teach,
For those who heal,
And for all who serve the community.


In the life of the land we share
Your kingdom come, Loving God,
Your will be done.  
We pray for people in need: 
Those for whom life is a desperate struggle;
Those whose lives are clouded
By death, trauma, or loss,
By discouragement or fear,
By shame or rejection.


In the lives of those in need,
Your kingdom come, Loving God,
Your will be done. 
We pray for those in the circles of friendship and love around us;
Children and parents;
Sisters and brothers; 
Friends and neighbours;
And for those especially in our thoughts today


In the lives of those we love, 
Your kingdom come, Loving God, 
Your will be done.
We pray for the church
In its stand with those who struggle,
In its love for those who are often misunderstood,
In its service towards those who seek and long for connection,
In its proclamation of the good news we see and experience in Jesus.


In the life of your church,
Your kingdom come, Loving God, 
Your will be done.  
Eternal God:
Where we may be afraid, or feel broken, or experience the fringes and the tears in the world that you love,
We trust that you hear our prayers,
That nothing is a surprise to you,
And in all of this, you come to us in Christ,
You speak to us with your Spirit,
And you are praised and you are beautiful forever and ever. 

From Covenant Book of Worship
God of peace, watch over us this day and keep us in the light of your presence. May our praise continually blend with the song of all creation as we experience the love and grace that come from you through Jesus Christ our Savior,