Psalm 138

Curated by Justina Gendy
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By Scott Wall

As the fall looms, and with the passing seasons our lives take on new rhythms, vocations, commitments, and challenges... I want to invite you into a space of confession in our worship. 

Times of change and shifting in our lives call us to attention and urge us to be present. And the practice of confession can be a helpful ally in such moments. Where we acknowledge that God is great and good present to us. And, that we are in need, that we are overwhelmed and that our lives often stray from ways of light and peace.

As we pray together this day, I will name a series of confessions and then invite you into a moment of quiet reflection where you might name areas of pain, weakness, or shame. Then I will offer a prayer of confidence before we continue in worship.

Let us pray
Gracious God, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known, from whom no secret is ever hidden: 
cleanse our hearts and minds by your Spirit
In our unchecked search for security, 
In our willful missteps…our refusal to engage our hurtful actions,
In our unintentional error…and the ways we exclude, injure, and ignore
In our withdrawal from others…through resentment, unforgiveness, and envy,
In our faltering trust in your constant care,
We quiet our hearts now, and confess our need…

We hold these things here, because your love is great and your mercy endures.
And as we acknowledge them, we also confess your great and redeeming work in us.
Your unyielding pursuit of justice in our world.
That you are Love, and Light, and Hope, and Truth

Cleanse our hearts and minds by your Spirit and grant us strength to love you and reflect your goodness.

We pray in the name of Christ, 

From Covenant Book of Worship

Holy and ever-living God,
by your power we are created
and by your love we are redeemed.

Guide and strengthen us by your Spirit,
that we may give ourselves to your service,
and live each day in love to one another and to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord.