Psalm 103

Curated by Mel Renaud
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By Scott Wall

Our life as a worshipping community is shaped by our shared experience in this space…and in the city that surrounds us. And as part of our worship today, we pause in this moment to pray specifically for the peace of Calgary.

This kind of prayer derives from the practices of the ancient Hebrews…who prayed [with Psa 55] about the destructive forces rampant in their city, or acknowledged [with Psa 46] that God’s goodness sustained their city. With these prayers they enacted a holy locality…confessing a relationship with and to the divine tied to common place. 

Like them, we offer a petition now…centring ourselves in this key moment for our community…beginning a new liturgical year, yes…and we lean into our vision to bring our conversation about Jesus into two neighbourhoods. 

And so, I invite you to join me in a responsive prayer. Let us pray.

Gracious God
Of water, earth, and sky of road, cafe, and home alike.
You are the source of nature’s beauty, and you renew those things we make.
And so we pray

For this wide and expansive city…
For its unique neighbourhoods and communities we love
For its institutions and those who lead them
And specifically our upcoming municipal election.

ALL: We pray for peace, that your Kingdom would come. Give us strength to love and serve.

For those in our city
Who suffer in silent poverty
Who suffer from displacement and disparity
Who suffer with illness and distress
ALL: We pray for peace, that your mercy would be great. Give us strength to love and serve.

And for those places in our lives
Marked by fear of those we perceive as different
Marked by distance from those we long to love well
Marked by sorrow or loss that have come to us

ALL: We pray for peace, that your mercy would be great. Amen.

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