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Be Thou My Vision
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Be Thou My Vision
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By Bobbi Salkeld
Today is Vision Sunday, and we want to consider God’s vision in our own lives as well as in the life of our community. The theologian Karl Rahner wrote about his daily life like this:

"I should like to bring the routine of my daily life before You, O Lord, to discuss the long days and tedious hours that are filled with everything else but you."*

We too know this mental and spiritual crowding. The clutter and noise of our daily lives make it hard to centre on God. But Rahner offers this comfort. He says if there is any path at all in which we can approach God, the path must lead through the very middle of our ordinary, daily lives.
I’m going to give you about 30 seconds to consider one aspect of your ordinary daily life - your family, friendships; your work, play, pleasure; your rest, rhythms, thoughts - and prayerfully consider this unfinished sentence.

God gives me a vision to...

I ask you to hold alongside this sentence one part of your life and see what emerges. It could be a virtue like, God gives me a vision to practice patience. It could be an action, like God gives me a vision to pay closer attention to everyday beauty. For me, I finished the sentence like this. “God gives me a vision ... to engage creative rhythms.” Take a few moments to prayerfully consider God’s vision now, and then I’ll close with a short prayer.

Loving God,
Thank you for the details of our ordinary daily lives. With you we can know ourselves and with you we can offer ourselves to the world for peace, love, and justice.

I encourage you to journal your response to the unfinished sentence od gives me a vision t ...
You can find the Vision Sunday page in your Commons journal on page 89. We would love it if you’d share that experience on Instagram with the hashtag #commonsvision.

*(Karl Rahner in Richard J. Foster and Emilie Griffin piritual Classic, p. 217.)

By Kevin Borst
God in you is the vision we are reaching towards. We desire Lord to be a reflection of your kindness, patience, and love. May our eyes be fixed on you. God be our vision,