Psalm 29

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Hillsong Worship - Forever Reign
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Written by Bobbi Salkeld

Today at Commons, we celebrate the sacrament of baptism.
We have the honour of baptizing 2 people fte the noon service and 6 people fte the 7pm service at our Kensington parish. And baptism is a big deal for us. Christian thinkers describe the sacraments as mysteries. The sacraments are ordinary things clothed with transcendent meaning.
The ordinary thing in baptism is the water. The mystery is that we are joined with Christ in his dying as we go under the water and we rise with Christ to new life as we come out of the water. It is a joy to watch one another take this step of faith in community and it is a joy to remember our own baptism. And so whether you witness the baptisms at Commons today or not, let’s take some time to pray for the journey of these soon-to-be-baptised friends. We also pray for our own journey of being united with Christ and living out the gift of invisible grace.

Let us pray:
God our Creator and Redeemer, we thank you for the gift of water.
We remember the sacred story where your Spirit hovered over the waters and brought creation into being.
Will you hover over our lives to bring calm where there is chaos.
We also remember the sacred stories where waters were miraculously parted, where water poured out of rocks, and where water was made into wine.
Will you give us eyes to see how you are wildly at work in the everyday objects of our own lives - miraculously opening new spaces, bringing about what is good when we have real needs, and transforming the details of our lives into joy.
For those newly baptized today, we trust you to carry them in times of trouble and rejoice over them always.
For those of us remembering our baptisms, will you remind us of your constant care for us - in good and bad times you are near.
For those of us unsure of your presence, or of what steps you invite us to take - may we sense your perfect patience and loving acceptance.
To God our maker, Christ our savior, and the unifying Holy Spirit be all honour and glory now and forever.