Monday is World Refugee Day and we wanted to update you on the relationships which have been growing between us at Kensington Commons and Syrian families in our community. 

Our sponsored family is doing very well and all members of the family are working hard at learning English. The youngest child will be attending a regular neighborhood grade 2 class in the fall and the rest of the kids will continue in their specialized LEAD class.

The parents, will be completing their level 2 class at the end of July. The father will continue in school while his wife will prepare for the new baby’s arrival in late August.

Three teachers from Commons have been tutoring the kids these last 6 months and will now be taking the summer off, several other volunteers continue to be part of the team.

The kids are registered for a three week day camp with the Bridges Foundation and are very active kids in their neighborhood, out on their bikes at the local park and playing hockey in their back alley.

Over the past 6 months, Commons has connected with 4 other Syrian families in different capacities. In each situation, where we have been asked to assist, we have chosen to stay in relationship with these families and continue to support in any way we are able.

A member of Commons has helped one of these children get a sponsorship into a pre-school registration for the fall and have connected 4 of the young girls with a Syrian artist for drawing classes. We will be getting all of the children out for skating lessons this summer to get a head start on next winter. All of the boys are anxious to start playing hockey and we need to get them steady on their skates first.

Our potential second sponsored family did not work out, as happens sometimes, they reconsidered coming to Canada. We are on the waiting list for a family with our Sponsorship Agreement Holder Mennonite Central Committee and will keep you informed if there is news this summer.

Thank you for your continued support. 

If any of you are able to help with baby needs or would like to join us for indoor skating this summer, you can email