We are so thankful for our relationship with Hands at Work and the privilege to participate in the amazing work that they are doing. Commons Church is invested in a long term relationship with the community of Kalende Zambia providing resources to community leaders as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.

We are also sending a team back to Kalende in April 2018. If you're interested in supporting the team you can use the button below.

Hands at Work also provides us with a quarterly update on what has been happening in this community. Read it at the link below and consider how you can support. 


Kalende Report

Lydia* is named after her grandmother. The two have lived together, alone, since Lydia was a young baby. After her mother’s death, Lydia’s father abandoned her; going to marry another woman in another province. Growing up, Lydia’s grandmother has been the only family Lydia has known. Life has never been easy, but it is becoming increasingly more dif cult for the grandmother to care for Lydia and herself as she gets older, is a widow and has no other family members to support her...