In our North American culture , we can become very focused on tasks and to-do lists. What we accomplish can become where we place our value and priority. My recent trip to Zambia reminded me of the importance of building healthy relationships. Our focus was not on completing physical tasks but on encouraging the Care Workers. As a team, we learned the immeasurable value of just being present with someone. We listened to their stories, shared some of your own, read God’s Word together, laughed and cried and prayed together. It was beautiful work that is difficult to measure except for the smiles, hugs and words of gratitude for the time spent in community.

This is the hard work of building community that the Care Workers continue with the support of Hands at Work. Despite very challenging circumstances, there has been reconciliation and increased unification between the Care Workers in Kalende over the past year. Praise God! Would you continue to pray for them as they meet together, support each other and care for the children in Kalende? Would you consider being a part of the Spring 2018 Commons Team, as we work to show our support and partnership with this community by being present? George Snyman and Marc and Michelle Damour will be sharing more about the work Hands is doing in Zambia on Nov 30th at 6:30pm at Kensington Commons Church. Let’s show our support by being present as they discuss their work with the vulnerable in Africa. For a more detailed update on Kalende, check out the attached community report!

–Darlene Wall

Hands at Work also provides us with a quarterly update on what has been happening in this community. Read it at the link below and consider how you can support.