The Lenten Reader has become an annual publication of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada (ECCC). This year's is the fifth iteration. Contributions for the Lenten Reader come from all over the country including our own Bobbi Salkeld.

The Psalms are our text for this Lenten Reader. In particular, we are following a rhythm of orientation, disorientation, and re-orientation. This way of categorizing the Psalms comes from the biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann. He asserts that each Psalm falls into one of these three categories. As the prayer book of the Israelites, it makes sense that the Psalms would cover all experiences of our lives: times of orientation (feeling se- cure and close to God), disorientation (feeling lost and far from God), and re-orientation (returning to security and closeness to God).

There is one devotional for each day of Lent. There are no entries on Sundays as Sundays are not included in the forty days of Lent. Instead there are works of art to help you meditate and pray.

Feel free to download and use this text as a guide for your reflections this Lent.