Along with a new year comes some housekeeping because the new year begins a new cycle in our governance as a community. We have an incredible board that is elected by the members of the community to represent and guide us but part of the new year is preparing for our annual general meeting which has been scheduled for Wednesday March 13th.

When we gather that evening we will present the financial reports and the budget for the coming year and we will also be electing some new people to represent us on the board.

The AGM is open to anyone from the community, all are welcome to come and participate in the discussions. However, voting on decisions and leadership is reserved for members.

If you’re not a member and would like to be, we have two membership classes coming up before the AGM. They happen on the last Sunday of every month and you can sign up for a class online.


This is something that members need to do every year and is part of how we ensure our membership roll is kept up to date annually. If you are a member then all you need to do is sign beside your name on the membership list, which will be on the connection centre desk every Sunday until the AGM, or simply fill out this handy form.

The relevant documents will be posted here for review before the meeting. Once everything has been posted all of the documents will be posted as a single PDF for review.

2018 AGM Minutes (posted Jan 4, 2019)
2019 AGM Agenda (posted Jan 17, 2019)
2019 Board Nominees (coming soon)
2018 Staff Reports (coming soon)
2019 Proposed Budget (posted Jan 17, 2019)
2018 Donor Report (posted Dec 15, 2018)
2018 Financial Statements (coming soon)
Constitution and By-Laws (posted Jan 4, 2019)

AGM Package (coming soon)