We are excited to announce that the community has named Michael Wing and Janice Hsu to the board. 


Janice Hsu

Janice is a city policy planner and an outdoor activity enthusiast, no matter the temperature. Janice completed graduate studies at the University of Cambridge and Fuller Theological Seminary, worked overseas, and found her way back to Calgary after 15 years when the Rockies (and a job) called her home. She has attended Commons since 2014 and is active in home groups and the Connection Team. She is most excited to help shape the vision for Commons as part of the Board. Janice and her husband are involved in the Inglewood Parish and are deeply committed to bringing God’s shalom to the city. She also loves potato chips and Star Trek: TNG


Michael Wing

I had been a Christian my entire life, but was searching for something fresh - a community to challenge and expand my faith, tackle the tough questions, and provide a space for healthy debate and heartfelt discussion. Since then, I have come to love Commons and the many people who I've crossed paths with (including my wife, Christi, who I met here!).  I very much appreciate the teaching, the openness and welcome here, and the ways in which the church makes a positive impact within our city.

In my day job, I'm a chartered financial analyst and have had various roles in the finance world, both corporate and not-for-profit, for almost 15 years now.  Currently, I work in long-term planning and corporate strategy.

Outside of work, you can often find Christi and I checking out local theatre and arts, or trying out one of the new restaurants in the neighbourhood. I'm also a pretty big soccer fan if anyone is interested in meeting up on a Saturday morning to catch some premier league at the Ship.

The Leadership Team is elected by the congregation at our Annual General Meeting. Team members serve three year terms and can serve two consecutive terms on the board.