It is with heavy hearts we let you know that the ECC ministerium has voted to remove credentials from the pastors of First Minneapolis Covenant Church and the Annual General Meeting of the ECC has voted to involuntarily remove First Minneapolis Covenant Church from the ECC. 

At present this decision does not directly affect Commons and we maintain that there is a place for Commons within the Covenant Church in Canada but we also want our community to know that this does not change our commitment to a third way together through contentious issues.

At Commons there is no litmus test beyond a declared trust in Jesus as Lord and a commitment to treat each other generously and equally. That local commitment to each other and to the LGBTQ community remains unchanged by this week’s decisions.

Our team is prepared to voluntarily surrender our ministry credentials to the ECC if that is requested but despite our differences on how LGBTQ persons are included in community we believe that our voice within the Covenant Church in Canada is now more vital than ever. 

We are committed to staying. We are committed to contributing. We are committed to helping the ECC find a new way forward for as long as they allow us to participate.

Generosity, kindness and resolve in equal measure is what we trust to hold Commons together through this season as we follow the Spirit’s leading.

If anyone is hurting because of this development please reach out to us. We are creating space to respond and be present to those who have been injured by the decision. We know it’s hard. Grace and peace.