This is the centre. This is the hinge-point of Christian faith. This is the moment we stop and watch, realizing that what we witness is on our behalf, for our life and hope and future.
Every year we realize that we need to tell and hear the story once more. Every year we  nd ourselves surprised by it, overwhelmed, and yet comforted in a way thats hard to explain. Every year we are drawn back to humble worship, and the pledge of renewed commitment.

Palm Sunday - Jeremy Duncan

Discussion Notes

The coming of Jesus on Palm Sunday is a direct contrast to the idea of peace through victory. Instead Jesus shows us that the way to peace is the way of peace; of forgiveness and non-violence; of absorbing hurt and refusing to pass it along.

Easter Sunday - Jeremy Duncan

Discussion Notes

The resurrection was physical not because it bypassed this life, it was physical so that this life, in all its pock marked beauty, could be caught up in the divine. Resurrection is the ultimate affirmation that this life is good and worth saving.