There is no denying the sheer largeness of our Biblical faith. There is a lot to know: story and truth and history. But in the middle of all this largeness stands the simple, the basic, the essential, the pure: “love God and love your neighbour”.

We want to begin our year together by going back to the basics in order to help answer those frequently asked questions that inevitable arise when something new begins.

Who are we?
By what do we de ne ourselves?
How will we live together as community?

We know not every question can be answered in three weeks. In fact, many of our questions can only be answered in the long story of being church together. But here we want to put some stakes in the ground–some de nitional ideas that will guide us into our future together.
So come. Join in. Share what you have and take a piece of what others around you are offering. We want these times to be accessible to anyone and everyone, wherever they are at on their own spiritual journey. We want to see people who have pursued God for years and others who are just starting out or questioning, seeking God side-by-side, together.