For better or worse, we’re more or less a collection of the things we do repeatedly.

For some of us, this is something we approach strategically, crafting our schedules to produce the best version of ourselves. For others, our patterns and tendencies leave us feeling like they control us.

In talking about these realities, David Brooks says that somewhere between our ‘resume virtues’ and our ‘eulogy virtues’—between our pursuit of wealth,significance, success and our desire forkindness, bravery, integrity—there is a need for an intentionally formed inner life.

Which means that, wherever we findourselves, there’s always an opportunity to start something new.

A new approach. A new tradition. A new practice.

Join us as we consider how the scriptures can be an unexpected guide on this journey.

The Habits of Rich Young Rulers

Discussion notes

Today we’re talking about the primacy of patterns, how deeply they shape us and what they reveal about our trust.

Bonus Material

We all know we're saved by grace but the truth is we are also changed by grace. Knowing ourselves as God knows us, as loved and welcomed and forgiven is the only thing that can actually transform us.

The Habit of Confession

Discussion notes

Today we are talking about confession and how it impacts us on both personal and communal levels.

Bonus Materials

Confession is a far more important category than we realize–even for Protestants.

The Habit of Singing

Discussion notes

Today we are talking about how our singing is about more than our songs.

Bonus Material

There is room for us to bring all kinds of emotion and experience into our corporate singing. But a big part of what we are doing when we gather to sing is declaring where we believe the story is going.