The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most famous speeches ever given. This is Jesus at his most accessible.

The intriguing phenomenon is, however, that the closer one looks the more one becomes fascinated with the beauty through which Jesus addresses each topic.

“The experience can be compared with visiting famous old castles or cathedrals. Tourists may put in thirty minutes to walk through, just to get an impression, and that is what they get. But if one begins to study such buildings with the help of a good guidebook, visions of whole worlds open up. Whether it is the architecture, the symbols and images, the statues and paintings, or the history that took place in and around the buildings, under closer examination things are bound to become more and more complicated, diverse, and intriguing, with no end in sight.” –Hans Dieter Betz

Our hope is that this familiar sermon can become just as intriguing again if we take the time to look closer.

Matthew 5:1-10

Discussion Notes
This week we look at how Jesus upends our understanding of what it means to be blessed and invites us to see ourselves as already beloved.

Bonus Materials

Here's a a quick series looking at each of the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5 in more detail than we were able to on Sunday. We’ll be adding videos over the next few weeks until we cover all 8 Beatitudes.

Matthew 5:11-16