Jeremy Duncan

Jeremy Duncan

Lead Pastor

I'm a husband, father, pastor and theologian (in that order). I also get the incredible privilege of helping to lead our team here at Commons. I look after most of the Sunday teaching and I work with our elders to help chart our course as a community. I'm kind of a theology nerd and my graduate work is in theories of non-violence particularly relating to how we understand the atonement and the book of Revelation. My wife Rachel and I have a son and a dog (both adopted and both amazing). Generally, Thursdays are marked off in my calendar to meet with people from the community, so if you ever want to grab a coffee, shoot me an email, I'd love to hear a bit of your story. Grace and peace.


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Is God Really Too Holy For Us?

Sometimes we have some really unhealthy ideas about God's holiness and how it separates us from him. As part of our series in Romans we came across Romans 3.23 which talks about how all have fallen short of the glory of God. Now that's a sobering verse but taken in context we looked at how this is part of Paul's polemic against thinking that one group (jews or gentiles) are better than the other. We are all in the same predicament and all offered rescue in Jesus. So what about some of the other verses that seem to talk about our separation from the divine?

God of the Breasts

In honour of mothers day, let's see what El Shaddai is really all about. This is actually a title that translates to something like God the Breasted One, or God of the Breasts, but the intent here is the provide a feminine image of God's care and nurture.

What is a clerical stole?

If you have ever watched any of our sermons during the seasons of Advent or Lent you may have noticed that our pastoral team will wear a clerical stole when they teach. You may have also wondered what that was all about. Well, we wanted to give a bit of an introduction to these religious vestments and some of the tradition and meaning behind them and what they mean for us here at Commons.

What is Lectio Divina and how do I do it?

I have been loving our current series in the parables but one of the questions I am often asked is how do you read these stories well? How do you notice the subtleties that Jesus embedded in the story? Well, certainly I get the benefit of spending a lot of my week studying and preparing but there are some simple reading practices like lectio divina that can help us become more aware of what is happening in the text as we read. Here's one of the ways I like to approach the Bible when I read. I hope you find it helpful.

Is tithing a Christian Idea? Generosity and Jesus

If tithing isn't part of following Jesus, where does generosity fit into the faith equation?

On Sunday I threw out a quick statement about our relationship to money while I was talking about Jesus' words in Matthew 13. That seemed to intrigue a lot of people so I pulled together a quick video with some of the thinking behind what I was saying.

You can also check out this full sermon where I broke down some of the specific scriptures related to tithing and generosity and how we approach them at Commons.

Reading List

Reading List

Iโ€™m often asked about books to read on various topics. While we try to keep the book table at church stocked with engaging works from various Christian authors relating to the life of faith, this list is meant to serve a slightly different purpose. These titles offer a more in-depth look at specific topics relating to Christian study and could serve as a basic bibliography if youโ€™re looking to dive into a more narrow area of focus. I donโ€™t personally agree with all of the positions and arguments made in every one of these books, but I have found all of them helpful, well written, and researched. These books are not inaccessible to the average person at all, but are generally written at an academic level so be aware of that going in. I'm always happy to suggest additional resources if there's a specific topic that's not addressed here. email me

Where did the Bible come from?

Canon Of Scripture, The
By F. F. Bruce

How to read the Bible well:

Hermeneutics: An Introduction
By Anthony C. Thiselton

Historical Critical Issues:

Is God a Moral Monster?
By Paul Copan

Theological Interpretation:


The NIV Application Commentary Series

22 Vols (Zondervan, 1996-2015)

Integrative Theology
By Zondervan, Gordon R. Lewis, Bruce A. Demarest





The Church:

Resident Aliens
By Stanley Hauerwas

Church History:

Different Faiths: