What Should I Expect?

We have four services at Kensington. They begin at 9AM, 1030AM, 12PM, and 7PM every Sunday. They are all identical except that the 7PM service does not have childcare available.

Our services last 70 minutes. You can trust us to begin and end right on time. We start with some singing. Words are projected on screens so you can sing along if you like. Our music is a mix of upbeat and traditional and you'll hear hymns alongside new arrangements and artists. Often we will participate together in a liturgical element designed to connect us with the ancient roots of the Christian tradition. This might be something like reading a creed together or participating in the Eucharist (sometimes called the Lord's Supper or Communion).

Next we have a coffee break so parents can check their kids into the appropriate program and we all have a chance to greet friends and grab some caffeine. We have an amazing crew of talented baristas that will make you an espresso based drink and there is drip coffee available as well; all free. After this we have a 30 minute sermon where we engage scripture together and kids have their own lesson in the Commons Kids area. If you ever need someone to pray with you that is also available after every service.

Come as you are. There will be a wide mix of generations, ethnicities and familiarity with the Christian tradition. Everyone is welcome and we're pretty low key around here.

Where do I Park?

Unfortunately we don't have much of a parking lot at the church but there is parking at the school directly across the street from the church. There will be signage to direct you to the parking areas and on street parking in the neighbourhood is also free.

What do you have for my Kids?

Our deepest desire is that Commons would be a home for people from all walks of life and all ages; and we want the children to feel as loved, accepted, involved, known, as anyone else who walks through our doors. That’s why children are invited to join us during worship and participate as parents feel is appropriate. Please don't feel self conscious if your child makes some noise. We welcome it.

You can find more information about our kids programs and even pre-register your children for a visit on our Families page.

Will I Be Asked for Money?

Our Church is able to operate because of the generosity of those who attend. However, we never want generosity to be an uncomfortable experience so we do not pass an offering plate or ask for donations in the service. There are boxes at the back of the room if you do want to give and you can make a contribution at your convenience online if you'd ever life to. See for details.

What DOES it Looks like?


In January 2018 we launch our new parish in the Inglewood community. If you live on the east side of the city you can check out our plans here.


2404 Kensington Road Northwest
Northwest Calgary, AB, T2N 3S1


We're easy to get to. Right near the corner of Crowchild Tr and Kensington Rd.