We have chosen the name Kensington Commons because we want our church to be a shared neighbourhood space. That means we are open to having the community use our building for everything from concerts and shows, to weddings and funerals, and everything in between.

We have a number of available spaces with capacity to hold between 25 and 150 people at a time and a fantastic hardwood floor gym for sports or fitness activities.

For more detailed information about weddings click the button below.

Rental Rates

$50 per hour for use of the gym
$350 per Sanctuary rental + sound/hr
(evening rentals provide access to the space from 3pm to 11:30pm)
$50 per hour for use of the downstairs halls
A one time charge of $50 will be added to any rental for use of the Kitchen (please note the kitchen is not a food-safe commercial kitchen)
For ongoing rentals we can provide keypad access to the building.

If you are interested in booking a rental please fill out the form below or email with any questions. We will respond within 7 days. 

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