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Hands at Work Q2 2019 Update

Hands at Work Q2 2019 Update

In every Hands at Work community there is a coordinator - a local who takes on a leadership role and oversees the well-being of care workers and families, as well as the provision of services in their community. In Kalende, this is Fredrick - a man who is a tower of strength in the community and truly demonstrates the heart of Christ. As a team, we were touched and inspired by how open and honest many of the care workers were in sharing their struggles and personal stories. Their dependence on each other and Jesus to face significant challenges was evident.  One of the days we were in Kalende, a few of the men from our team were invited to join some of the male care workers in speaking to the young men about integrity. After this session, when we were all together for a group photo, Fredrick smiled at me and said “we stand together”! My heart swelled. Yes! That is essentially what these care workers do, day in and day out. They stand together! And it is what we do, as supporters of Kalende. Despite the physical distance, we stand in solidarity with this community and ask for God’s mercy and provision.

Fredrick’s passion for the well-being of those in his community was a moving experience for our team members.  He is a mentor to many, old and young. This month’s community update newsletter highlights this important work! It describes how Fred is journeying with families to build resilience through committed/persistent relationship. You can read the report here. 

Chris Meloche

**Chris and his wife Lilli will be visiting Kalende in July. We would love to send along some words of encouragement from our Commons community to Kalende! Stop by the information table at any service on June 23rd to contribute! You are also welcome to join in the next advocacy prayer gathering at Kensington Commons June 13, 2019 @ 7:30pm

Hands at Work Q1 2019 Update

Hands at Work Q1 2019 Update

Our religious beliefs are often difficult to separate from our cultural values and practices. We may believe in the person of Jesus but our beliefs about Him and how he works in the world are influenced by our experiences and context. 

In Africa, it is not uncommon to find that people believe in the power of both Jesus and witchcraft. A child born with a deformity, a debilitating illness, or the sudden death of a loved one are often viewed by members of the community as the results of witchcraft. This causes great heartache and isolation in communities - dividing families and leading to mistrust and mistreatment. The most vulnerable become even more vulnerable. 

The volunteers and staff at Hands at Work have a question they like to ask when discussing Christian faith with others in Africa. “Do you know the Jesus I know?” This question becomes the starting point for discussion about the character of God and how he works in the world. It challenges cultural beliefs and practices both in Africa and, I think, here in North America as well. Our world is broken and hurting, but God is good and faithful — always working to heal and reconcile. He doesn’t judge based on colour or gender and His heart is ever with the hurting, the lonely and the vulnerable. 

Please continue to pray that those in Kalende - and other communities where Hands at Work is present - will clearly see Jesus for who He is, and that this understanding would transform communities and bring new life and freedom! 

The first monthly advocate prayer gathering was held at the beginning of February. We spent time praying for specific families and children in Kalende and for Marc and Michelle Damour, who serve with Hands at Work in Zambia full-time. The next gathering is scheduled for March 7th @ 7:30pm at Kensington Commons. Everyone is welcome! Please take a minute to read the attached most recent report from Kalende for more ways you can be praying for and partnering with this community!

Darlene Wall

2016 Q1 Update: Hands At Work

2016 Q1 Update: Hands At Work

We are so thankful for our relationship with Hands at Work and the privilege to participate in the amazing work that they are doing. Commons Church is invested in a long term relationship with the community of Kalende Zambia providing resources to community leaders as they care for orphans and vulnerable children. We have a team travelling to work alongside and learn from those leaders in July 2016.

Hands at Work has provided us with a quarterly update on what has been happening in this community. Read it at the link below and consider how you can support. 



At the end of 2015/early 2016, Sub-Saharan Africa experienced very poor rainfall resulting in a widespread drought and food crisis. In Zambia this has resulted in a signi cant increase in price for staple foods. Hands at Work is currently assessing the severity of the need in Kalende Community to ensure that the most vulnerable children continue to receive consistent access to basic services.

You can sponsor a child for $20/month and provide access to food, basic medical, and basic education or make a one time contribution to help offset the cost increases used by the ongoing drought in Sub-Saharan Africa. Simply add "Hands at Work" to the comment section when you donate.