Alberta Wildfire Response

Alberta Wildfire Response

Thank you!

We have already met our initial goal of $10,000 for the Fire Relief Efforts. 

We are in contact with Covenant Bay Bible Camp as they provide space to those who have been relocated away from the fires in Northern Alberta. At this point they have received several families but the need has not been as great as originally anticipated. We are remain ready to support them in any way that is needed but we will continue to evaluate over the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. 

[updated: May 16, 2016]

$5000 has been raised from the community for the Red Cross in less than a week and $5000 has been committed from our emergency fund to match. We are still accepting donations marked "fires" for the rest of the month and those funds will go toward the efforts of Covenant Bay Bible Camp as they provide short term accommodations to those who have been relocated away from the fires.

[updated: May 10, 2016]

By now we are all aware of the devastating forest fires that have hit northern Alberta.

Commons Church is collecting donations marked 'fire' for the month of May and will be forwarding those donations to the Red Cross. The Alberta government has pledged to match all of these donations up to 2 millions dollars. The federal government is also matching donations but only for direct individual donations to the Red Cross. If you want to give directly you can do so at this link.

In order to free everyone to give in the way they feel is most effective, Commons Church will also be contributing $5000 to the relief efforts from our emergency fund on top of whatever donations receive. 

Finally, Covenant Bay Bible Camp, just south of Edmonton, is connected to the fellowship of churches we are part of. They will be receiving a number of the families that have been relocated this coming week and providing short term housing for them. We have committed to helping them with whatever they need as they step in to serve in this way.

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed in some way. Please continue to pray for those who face a long season of rebuilding in front of them.

2016 Q1 Financial Update

2016 Q1 Financial Update

We want to thank everyone for your continued support of the church. The majority of our funding comes through automatic giving either by Credit or Debit Card. You can find details on our DONATE page and you can always change your donor profile anytime by emailing


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